See the Over-the-Top Perks of an Emirates Airline Business-Class Flight

By Hilary White, POPSUGAR

I'm not usually one to travel in what you'd call "luxury." I'm a bargain-hunting adventurer who picks the cheapest seat on the plane and who is happy as long as there's a bed to fall into at the end of the day. Or a hammock. Or a sleeping bag. However, that doesn't mean I can't appreciate or, in fact, immensely enjoy it when an extravagant opportunity presents itself. Enter: Emirates business class. The airline is known for being one of the best in the world— and it truly lives up to that status, from its impeccable customer service to its top-of-the-line planes, particularly the business- and first-class sections.

[post_ads]On my recent trip to Thailand with Pandora Jewelry for the opening of a new crafting facility, I was able to experience the palatial features of Emirates business class. I flew from Bangkok, Thailand, to Dubai, UAE; had a layover in Dubai; and then flew Dubai to LA — both legs of the flight (one seven-hour and one 17-hour) were in Emirates business. With large big-screen TVs, personal minibars, full meals and drinks available the entire flight, and so many movie and TV options I couldn't keep count, the flight was a far cry from your average trip — and I loved it.

In addition to the regular perks of flying business class, like priority check-in, a fast pass through security, access to airport lounges, and included food and beverages, Emirates (especially Emirates Airbus 380) offers a unique level of luxury you'll be hard-pressed to find with many other airlines. From an actual lounge on board the plane to seats that recline fully flat, touchscreen technology, and gourmet dining, it's an experience that's worth having (at least once in a lifetime) if you're in the mood to majorly splurge. The downside is that this glamorous method of travel costs well above your average ticket price and can end up costing more than your trip itself. Take a look at the over-the-top features of Emirates business class.

Each individual seat is separated.

On the Airbus 380 that I took from Bangkok to Dubai, every person in business class was able to have an aisle seat. There were single pods next to each window, with an aisle on the other side of those pods, and then two seats side by side in the middle, each with access to the aisle as well. The seats that were beside each other had the option of putting up a divider. The Airbus 380 and Boeing 777-200LR plus the majority of Boeing 777-300ER 777 planes offer this feature, although some models do not.

There's a divider between you and the aisle or you and another seat.

The dividers are great for sleeping and privacy. Even if you're sitting next to someone, it doesn't feel like it at all.

The seats come with blankets, pillows, and more.

Prime for those who want to settle down for a good night's sleep, Emirates business class seats on Airbus 380 and selected Airbus 777s not only recline all the way flat, but they come with a soft blanket, pillows, and even an eye mask and cozy socks. On some flights, an extra mattress pad is available upon request to make your seat (and sleep!) extra comfortable.


There are tons of seat options you can choose from.

The automatic seating buttons allow you to lay down fully flat, sit upright, lift your legs up and down, and recline your seat back to various degrees. There's also a helpful button that, when pressed, allows you to return your seat to the position it should be in for takeoffs and landings.

The actual seats are comfortable.

The seats are very comfortable (especially when you're wrapped in a huge blanket that's like a down comforter and sipping a glass of nice wine) and make long flights way more endurable.

According to Emirates, the new seats on the Boeing 777-300ER are 78 inches long and inspired by modern sports cars.

You can adjust your seat "pod" settings, charge your devices, and more.

In addition to a tablet that allows you to adjust your TV settings, passengers also have a smaller touchscreen remote control they can use, as well as individual and A/C unit, reading light, and universal outlets that most plugs can fit into and a USB outlet.


Your seat may also have its own private minibar.

Depending on the type of plane you have, you may also have a private minibar at your seat. My setup had sparkling and still water, a few other drink choices, and a drinking glass.

Each seat offers touchscreen technology.

On my flights from Bangkok to Dubai and Dubai to LA, I had a small touchscreen controllers (about the size of a TV remote control) as well as a larger tablet. Both allowed me to navigate and control my 23-inch entertainment screen, so I was easily able to choose movies, watch the flight map, listen to music, and play games, no matter what position I was in.

You get your own personal storage units!

Your business class seat offers tons of leg room, but also a good amount of storage so you don't have to constantly get up and down to reach your carry-on items in the overhead department. On one my leg of journey, I had two storage units that held up to 22 pounds per unit.

Business class seats also generally offer each passenger a dedicated overhead unit per seat, depending on your plane.

The units are narrow but deep, so some items, depending on their shape, will not fit inside.


The window shades are automatic and offer options.

The window shades are automatic and allow your window to be either fully blacked out, partially blacked out, or not covered at all.

There are SO many entertainment options.

Nothing makes a 17-hour flight fly by like marathoning all eight Harry Potter movies. Emirates offers 2,500 channels of the latest movies and TV shows in multiple languages. You can also listen to music, play games, watch breaking news, catch up on world business, and watch live sports. There wasn't enough time on my flights to watch all of the things I wanted to see!

You will get the VIP treatment.

Your flight attendant knows you by name, and small niceties like a warm (freshly scented!) towel on a long flight make all the difference.


Alcohol and food is included.

Before the flight even takes off, helpful flight attendants are there to pass out juice, water, and sparkling wine for you to sip while the plane prepares for takeoff. But the delicious dining samplings are only just beginning!

Business class dining is delicious.

On two different flights, I experienced multicourse breakfasts, lunches, and dinners and was never disappointed. The dishes served are inspired by the region, so travelers can sample global cuisine without leaving the comfort of their (very spacious) seats. 

According to Emirates, "chefs use fresh, locally sourced ingredients to prepare your meals." Each meal has the option of wine pairings, as well complimentary cocktails, spirits, beers, and other hot and cold drinks. I sipped the Clos du Marquis Bordeaux option as well as the sparkling wine (Veuve Clicquot, one of my favorites) while digging into my meals.

The menu offers many options.

One thing I liked about the meal choices is that you're given several healthy and heavier options, depending on what you're in the mood for. There's also cheese plate and dessert options in many cases, which are great for snacking as well. The menu is accommodating to many types of dietary needs.


The in-air service is impeccable.

I couldn't finish a drink without having it refilled almost immediately. Flight attendants are very attentive and helpful, but they also are observant and great at knowing when a passenger wants to sleep or have some privacy. I had some questions regarding my connections and departure gates, and the attendants in my cabin went above and beyond to help get me the answers I needed.

Socialize with fellow passengers at the A380 business-class lounge.

If you're feeling antsy, the business class lounge on the Airbus 380 is the perfect place to go and stretch your legs. You can order a drink or nibble on small bites provided to passengers. There is comfortable seating in the lounge as well. It has a great ambiance; you may even forget you're on an actual plane.

Emirates provides amenities and toiletries you may need for your flight.

Don't worry if you forget one of your toiletry items or accidentally packed it in your checked luggage! On flights over 10 hours, Emirates has got you covered with Emirates Indulgence by Bvlgari amenity kits.

I was given a satin toiletry bag that had a toothbrush and mini toothpaste, lotions, rose water, and more. Travelers on all flights — not just long-haul ones — are also often provided with amenities like socks and eye shades to help make sleep come even easier.


Enjoy the perks of business class on the ground, too.

Business-class passengers have access to the beautiful Emirates lounges. Thirty-four airports worldwide host the lounges, which have buffets, drinks, bars, and more.

The lounges offer secluded seating and an escape from the crowds at the airport.

You can enjoy extra amenities in the lounges.

Lounges offer luxuries that allow you to freshen up before or in between flights.

From showers and towels to blow dryers, Emirates has business-class passengers covered!


You can wait in the lounge until your flight is called.

Instead of hanging out by the gate, you can get comfortable in the lounge, and the status of your flight will be announced over a speaker and/or screen in order to let you know when it's time to head out. In Dubai, I was able to access the entrance to my gate via another gate in the actual lounge itself, so it made the whole process even easier!



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Travel Magazine: See the Over-the-Top Perks of an Emirates Airline Business-Class Flight
See the Over-the-Top Perks of an Emirates Airline Business-Class Flight
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