1. Ensure that the Passport is Ready in Advance

Normal processing of passports usually take about 4 to 6 weeks. So if you do not have a passport then apply for one well in advance, as soon as you decide on the place to go. If you have a passport, then ensure that it has not expired. Some countries require at least 6 months of validity for the passport.

Also, frequent travelers need to make sure that their passports have enough blank pages.

2. Ensure that there is Enough Time Between Connecting Flights

Vacations are about relaxing and letting your hair down. Worrying about missing a connecting flight is really something that you should avoid. Hence, try and ensure that there is sufficient time between connecting flights; 90 minutes is sufficient for most airports, large or small.

3. Ensure that your Hotel is Near the City Center

It’s a better option to pay a little more for your accommodation in the city center than go for a cheaper hotel in the suburbs. This will not only allow you to check out all the attractions at a leisurely pace, but will also prevent you from enduring the hassle of unnecessary travel and loss of valuable vacation time.

4. Do What You Like

Think of what you would like to do on the trip and then do just that. If you do not like museums, then there is no point in visiting them in distant lands. If relaxing at the beach is what you like, then that’s what you should do, instead of doing what others tell you to visit or do!

5. Avoid Doing Everything in One Trip

Do not try to cram everything in one single trip or a day. This will not only result in exhaustion, but will also prevent you from enjoying what you have come for, that is, a vacation. So if you like to check out museums, then check out a couple of them on one day, and then check out others in the following days.

6. Try and Avoid Tourist Traps

The internet, magazines, etc. can be full of advertisements about the places that you need to visit, popular bars and restaurants, and so on. It may be true, but more often than not, they are just tourist traps set to tap into your travel budget. Instead, you may spend some time researching about the place and prepare yourself for an authentic experience of the lands.

7. Choose the Correct Airport

You may save a few bucks opting for a flight to an airport outside the city limits. But you will eventually end up spending it, and even more, travelling from and back to that airport, to your city hotel.

8. Collect Information about the Hotel before Booking

Call up the hotel, email them, check out traveler photos; do all that you can to find out about all about the hotel and its amenities before booking.

9. Read the Listing

If you are renting an apartment or a room then read the listing to have a better chance of getting that room. This helps avoid any last-minute hassles after reaching the destination. 

10. Avoid Timeshare Sales Pitches

You do not want to be inundated with calls about free spa sessions and such offers. Nothing is ever free. Avoid the sales offers and use the time saved, on sightseeing and other fun activities.